2022 Holiday Exchange

Last updated on May 12th, 2023 at 09:47 pm

Gold gifts with "Bela's 2022 Holiday Exchange" along with the event's site page: Bela Gaytan dot com slash 2022 hyphen holiday.

Black background with gold gifts at the top.  They are wrapped with bronze colored bows and have gold stars scattered about.  The text reads: “Bela’s 2022 Holiday Exchange” along with the event’s site page: BelaGaytan.com/2022-holiday”.

It's Back, Baby!

After a few year hiatus, my fabulous Holiday Exchange is back!  I couldn’t be more excited, as this has been a pretty tough year for so many of us.  We all could use some extra cheer!

For folks that have not participated in them in the past, I’ve been running yearly Holiday Exchanges for the past 15 or so years, with a few breaks here and there.  We sign up to send cards and/or gifts to each other.  I randomly pair people up for who they send and receive from to start the magic!  It’s always so much fun to give and receive these surprises.  Many friendships are often formed from these events, too!

Here's How it Works

The deadline for signing up will be December 11th.  Items will need to be sent out by the end of December.  There are two main categories:  cards and gifts.  You can participate in one or both. 


Several handmade holiday cards are laying on a desk with a paintbrush.

You can sign up to exchange up to 5 cards with other participants.  You will receive a card in return based on how many you sent out.

There is also a cheer card option, where you can sign up to send up to 5 cards to folks to send them some cheer during the holidays.  You will not receive cards in return for this.  Participants can nominate folks to receive these surprise cards (granted that they are certain the recipients would be okay with their name and address being shared).


Several holiday gifts with white and black wrapping, twine, and pine cones adorning them.

Several holiday gifts with white and black wrapping, twine, and pine cones adorning them.

There are several categories in the gifts section, with a maximum of 1 gift per category.  You can do as few or as many of the categories as you’d like.

  • Handmade item(s) of any value (for example a painting, jewelry, or something crocheted)
  • $15 gift
  • $25 gift
  • $35 gift
  • Regift item(s) (anything you have that is new/unused that could use a new home)

Postage is not included in the price categories listed above.  We also have the option to participate with folks outside of your country.  Please ensure you are familiar with the shipping costs before acknowledging that you are open to be placed with someone in another country than your own.

Sign Up Now!

Buddy the Elf and "I'm so excited".

Buddy the Elf is wearing his green and white top while appearing to be mid-squeal excitedly.  The text reads: I’m so excited.

If you’re a veteran of my Holiday Exchanges, you know the drill and you can signup to participate now.  Or for any others who are already excited and want to participate, go ahead and fill out the signup form.  I’ll be sending out the pairups on December 12th so we can get started!

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