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It is hard to feel good about money if you feel like you don’t have enough.  It’s even harder to convince yourself that you really can leave the job you have now for the one you want!   Get ready to learn how to Maximize Your Money with Stojanka Berry!

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Meet Stojanka "Jo" Berry

Stojanka is a teacher turned Instructional Designer who, after three years in the classroom and a year of graduate school, found herself in over $100k in debt–and only $3,000 of that was student loans. Getting out of debt was something that she took very seriously, and four years later she was officially debt-free!

In this LIVE Masterclass, Stojanka will share the strategies that she used to get out of debt and maximize her money to help you do the same and kickstart your career change with confidence.

Want a Free Seat?

To celebrate Stojanka’s desire to help others, I’ve purchased 4 seats in this course for folks that are managing their money right now and haven’t budgeted the money to attend.  Stojanka is lovingly donating an additional 4 seats!  I love when I can support people, especially from underrepresented groups, who are doing good!

Why am I Doing This?

Less than one year ago, I was working as a manager and my earnings classified me as below poverty level with 1 child living at home and 1 off at school.  Student aid is not available to me, so I had to pay cash for my undergraduate and graduate degrees on that income, in addition to my steep medical expenses.  

I’ve had to dig myself out of debt to be where I am today.  When I learned of Stojanka’s experience and her success, my heart swelled and I shouted out to myself: “You go, girl!”  I’m thankful that I am in a place in my life now where I have the privilege to financially help others. 

Learn More About the Course

Interested in learning more about the course?  Check out Maximize Your Money on Teachable and connect with Stojanka on LinkedIn and TikTok.  link below and reach out to Stojanka!  Also, don’t forget to fill out the form linked below if you’d like a chance to win a free seat.  The form closes on August 17, 2022 at midnight Eastern Time.

I hope to see you there! 🎉

Good Luck!

If you’d like to enter this promotion, please provide your details into the embedded form below.  You may also access the form directly.  Don’t forget to share this opportunity with anyone who may benefit from Stojanka’s experience and success!

The Fine Print

No purchase necessary to enter.  8 seats will be awarded to folks who complete the registration form linked in the comments below.  Winners will be assigned an entry ID by email.  The winners will be drawn using a random picker on August 17 at 7PM Eastern Time and the video shared on my personal LinkedIn page for transparency.

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