AI-generated image of a computer on a desk and a volcano outside the window.

An AI-generated image of a computer on a desk with a cup of coffee and fiery-colored calla lilies.  The view out of the window is of a Mexican town and volcano.  The style of the digital art is that of a Frida Kahlo painting.

What is Virtual Coworking?

Feeling disconnected or unmotivated whilst working from home?  Cowork with Bela sessions are here to save you!  Coworking is a way for folks to share a workspace with others who are also looking for a more productive environment.  Although there are physical coworking spaces found in cities around the world, mine are virtual via Zoom, making them accessible to all.

The Perfect Balance of Productivity and Goal-Smashing

These sessions are so helpful for me, as someone who is neurodivergent.  It helps to keep me working more efficiently.  I’ve received wonderful feedback from others on how much more productive they are coworking with me!

I’m happy to provide this space to help folks stay on track and focused in a chill and relaxed atmosphere.  Let’s make the most of our collective energy and smash those goals!

My favorite thing about virtual coworking sessions is the sense of community I feel by working with others!  Although I love to work remotely, I do miss the human connections from a traditional workplace.  

Coworking Sessions

Ready to rock?  Here are the currently available session days and times.  Please note that I am testing out a few scheduling tools to help streamline the registration process and delivery of reminders.  For now, they are just being scheduled directly in Zoom.  I’ll update once I find a better tool/solution! 

Oh, and the best part: these coworking sessions are completely free, always!  No hidden costs or sneaky motives, just straightforward productivity.  Of course, if you’re feeling generous, you can always buy me a coffee.  I never say ‘no’ to the drink from the gods.

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